Lights On!

Christmas Cat by Maria Albarran Illustration

Que se enciendan las luces!

I was going to draw a Christmas card with 
Christmas characters and nice wishes.  
 I've drawn a cat instead. Happy Holidays. 
Lights on!


diana said...

you have a wonderful style, it's a pleasure to browse your blog!

Anonymous said...

Nice illustration

maría ALBARRÁN said...

Aww thank you! so sweet ^^

nini said...

hahaha, I love your xmas cat! so grumpy and yet so adorable :)

maria Albarran said...

thanks!! :)

Efrosini means joy said...

He is hilarious!!! Love him all the way!!! I would cherish a card like that!!! Have a great week!!!

maria Albarran said...

Thank you Efrosini! Your words made my grumpy cat less grumpy! :)